Pitch Black Muscle Monsters Review – Does It Really Work?

Pitch Black Review

Many people unknowingly believe that sleep deprivation is a simple problem. According to them, a mere change in schedule can resolve insomnia. However sleeplessness has many causes. It is in fact linked with other factors across the body. And as one loses out on essential sleep, so too does their health begin to suffer. The end result tends to be depression, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and much more. The creators of Pitch Black discuss this lack of deep sleep. This is an up-and-coming supplement. It is formulated to solve this impending problem; a solution many people are yearning for.

What is Pitch Black?

Pitch Black is a supplement by Muscle Monsters that promises users a potent sleep solution. According the official site, a group of researchers at Muscle Monsters’ laboratories designed this. It highlights the critical difference between regular sleep and ‘quality’ sleep. Moreover, it aims to provide people with effective sleep cycles. Groundbreaking scientific research helps achieve this. Ineffective sleep can actually cause erectile dysfunction, among other things. This can affect one’s personal life. Additionally, side-effects such as the following will become prominent:

  • Reduced testosterone levels
  • Lowered libido
  • Increase in fat deposits and muscle loss
  • Inflammation and joint pain
  • Weakness and fatigue every morning despite hours of sleep
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Problems and rifts forming in relationships
  • Poor work ethic and performance
  • Increased risk of stroke, heart attack and type-2 diabetes

Any one of these problems can be too much to handle. Additionally, when combined together, they can cripple one’s willingness to even live. This supplement puts a significant amount of attention on proper sleep. It realizes that there is a staggering difference between good and bad sleep. Even hours’ worth of ‘bad sleep’ cannot replenish one’s energy levels. In fact, it only causes further fatigue and the above mentioned side-effects.

Thus, through this supplement, men can fight back against the onslaught of bad sleep. They can achieve the required levels of sleep and finally take control of their life. One more supplement for deep sleep and weight loss that we usually recommend our readers to try is Resurge

How Does Pitch Black Work?

The foundation of this supplement focuses upon catabolic sleep. This is the medical term given to the form of sleep that is steadily ruining men’s lives across the world. The creators of this product have linked scientific evidence and researches. Interested readers can learn more about this on their official website. Another popular supplement for male sexual health that people can opt for is Hyper Male Force

Many universities conducted extensive researches. Moreover, they proved that this form of sleep can cause many problems in men. In fact, a staggering 88% of men suffer from this. So, what is the solution? The Journal of Sexual Medicine shows fixing catabolic sleep can reverse erectile dysfunction. Further, it can ramp up one’s testosterone and sexual performance.

The ultimate counter to this ‘bad sleep’ is the exact opposite: anabolic sleep. The creators took many steps to achieve this sleep. Their first step was to look into natural remedies. A series of tests took place. The conclusion of these tests was a rather simple solution. It was a simple 14-second natural sleep-solution. While seemingly insignificant, this has the potential to change lives. Within one usage of this formula, one can sleep without any problems, in carefree bliss. Furthermore, after waking up one will feel:

· An extensive amount of energy and vigor to get through the day

· Strength and muscle gain

· Improved sexual drive and better libido

· Overcoming fatigue which previously existed across the body and much more

Pitch Black‘s Secret Snooze Formula

To reliably use any product, one must first take into consideration its many effects. After doing so, users should look into its ingredients. Examination of ingredients is the only way to ensure safety. Here are the main ingredients used to make the secret snooze formula.

· Glycine: A relatively unknown amino acid; there is a lack of this in over 99% of men. It has proven to enhance muscle size, strength and power. Furthermore, it can reduce loss of muscle and breakdown. It also greatly assists in sleep and improves testosterone.

· Lemon Balm: Reduces anxiety and provides mind relaxation. Ground-shattering research backs the credibility of this ingredient. Additionally, counters the effects of insomnia and sleeplessness. It also improves focus and energy levels for one’s day.

· Lavender Extract: A clinically proven herbal plant known for pain-relieving. Many accredited research journals recommend lavender extract. Furthermore, one can expect better moods, stronger erections.

· Tart Cherry: Tart cherry assists in quelling inflammation. However, according to the creators of Pitch Black, the FDA sent out letters to stop its production. As a result of this, the majority of the world remains unaware of Tart Cherry’s healing properties.

· Magnesium: The final ingredient is 200mg of Magnesium. It provides an all-round healing effect to the body. Additionally, magnesium deficiency is a common occurrence in men today.

Benefits of Using Pitch Black

  • Assists in achieving better sleep and reducing sleeplessness.
  • Assists one to experience a deep sense of relaxation. Furthermore they feel powerful surges of energy in the morning.
  • Improves muscle gain, and allows men to be active and fit both in and out of the bedroom.
  • Mends relationship problems and allows men to satisfy and pleasure their partners.
  • Much better alternative to caffeine pills, energy drinks and pills.
  • Allows one to regain their lost testosterone and libido.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

With that many of the major aspects of this product are covered. The final thing left to state is further recommendation. Pitch Black offers a unique, simple solution, backed by science and sourced in nature. The price asked is also cheaper than alternatives, making it a potent solution. For more information on this product, visit their official website. Additionally, they provide research links, pricing info as well as shipping related intricacies. Interested readers should certainly visit their website. This will allow them to learn invaluable information about this product’s development. Alongside the personal story of the author and his struggles.

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