Nerve Shield Plus Review – Thomas Carswell’s Miracle Root Formula

What is Nerve Shield Plus?

Nerve Shield Plus is a potent supplement that helps deal with neuropathy. It tackles the accompanying symptoms of sensations, tingling, numbness, and pain with the help of a natural composition that comes from the East. Since the composition of this solution is natural, it is safe to take. Plus, it chops the risks of side effects, which makes it a good choice. The official website also explains that the formula is gluten-free. Therefore, this makes this supplement useful to a wider number of people.

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Put simply, Nerve Shield Plus is a natural and potent supplement by Thomas Carswell. The formula relies on only natural ingredients with the chief ingredient being a ‘miracle root‘ that is traced from Malaysia. This proves several things.

For one, this clears that the solution is backed with extensive research. The fact that its main element is an eastern ingredient shows that the manufacturers have searched far and wide to learn what will effectively help neuropathy.

Secondly, it shows that all the ingredients are natural. This, in turn, clarifies that the supplement is safe to take since its components are not packed with harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Ultimately, the risk of side effects is minimized.

Besides, this formula promises to show numerous health merits. This includes the ability to fight inflammation, which is a serious culprit behind several health conditions. It is suggested that this solution be taken for 90 days consecutively. It is during this time frame that the supplement will start showing positive results.

nerve shield plus


Nerve Shield Plus neuropathy supplement is based on only natural ingredients that assist in subsiding the pain related to peripheral neuropathy. The ingredients are:

1. B Vitamins

These play a critical role in retaining the structural integrity of myelin sheath.

2. Turmeric and Chinese skullcap

Turmeric and Chinese skullcap are natural herbs, which aid in curtailing inflammation. At the same time, promoting better cellular growth.

3. Alpha-lipoic acid

This ingredient is scientifically proven to encourage the natural functioning of the nerve, specifically, the autonomic nervous system that impacts the internal organs.

4. Acetyl L-carnitine

This ingredient makes sure that the fibrous structure of the nerves is maintained. Acetyl L-carnitine is also a strong antioxidant that assists in protecting the body from inflammation and free radical damage. Additionally, it promotes the production of glutathione, which protects from inflammation and supports the health of the central nervous system.

5. Phosphatidyl choline

This component is present in the make up of the myelin sheath, which is why it plays an important role in this supplement.

6. Hung Bai and Cang Zu,

These two components are traced from Chinese remedies. This helps in three ways – curbing inflammation, boosting blood circulation, as well as treating jaundice.

Altogether these ingredients are a blend of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. These work together to offer a holistic approach in treating the symptoms linked with nerve damage.

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Nerve Shield Plus can help with multiple things. These are:

  • Possibly enhances blood circulation
  • Addresses the root of the problem which is inflammation
  • Supports nerve function and blood circulation
  • Protects the myelin sheath
  • Increases strength of the myelin sheath which supports transmission of neural impulses
  • May aid in the development of central nervous system


Nerve Shield Plus is up for grabs in three different packages. Pick the one that suits your needs and budget requirement:

  • One bottle of the supplement for a price of $69 per bottle
  • The standard deal which is also the most popular gives 3 bottles for a price of $49
  • Six bottles of the product for a price of $49 per bottle, which is the most discounted that you can get, giving you 65% off

All the deals come with a bonus. Additionally, there are no shipping charges involved. It is free from the manufacturer’s side.


Another plus point is that purchasing this supplement comes with a freebie. You will get it free of cost, titled, “The Ultimate Blood Sugar Blueprint.” This is typically for $49 but given for free with the purchase. It shares 7 ingredients that optimize one’s health, helping deal with strengthening the immune system, eliminating waste, and a lot more among other things.

Plus, the good news is that there is money back guarantee of 180 days. So if there isn’t something that you don’t like, remember that you can always have a refund without having to explain things in detail.

Final Verdict (Should You Buy Nerve Shield Plus?)

All in all, Nerve Shield Plus is a potent supplement that supports nerve function. It contains a healthy blend of vitamins and amino acids among other things that fight inflammation and aid in improving health of the nerves so that you can lead a healthy life.

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