Go2 Protein Review (Warrior Made) – Read Ingredients and Benefits

What is Go2 Protein?

Every year, you lose 1.5% of collagen in your body. In case you don’t know, collagen is a structural protein which is part and parcel of the skin, hair, muscles, bones, blood vessels, and tendons. As a result, your skin loosens and loses its elasticity. On top of that, joints start creaking. So how can you recover from all the loss that contributes to early aging signs? There’s no need to invest in collagen injections that cost an arm or a leg. A great alternative is a natural health drink that comes under the name of Go2 Protein.

This is a potent supplement drink that is based on natural ingredients with the central ingredient of collagen with an ancient herb, Gotu kola. It comes from a renowned and well-established manufacturer, Warrior Made. This relieves one of any worries of a poor manufacturer or the drink coming from amateurs or unprofessionals looking to make some money. Since the composition of this supplement is all-natural, the risks of side effects are minimal. This makes this solution a safe choice. Not to mention, it is easy to add to your routine too.

go2 protein

Go2 Protein Review

Go2 Protein is a 100% grass-fed collagen-enriched drink for optimal health and improving early aging signs related to a drop in the collagen production in the body. In additional to collagen, it is powered by an ancient herb that curbs inflammation while boosting the production of collagen in the body internally.

Put simply, the ingredients of this solution aim to promote the production of collagen in the body. This clearly shows that its way of working is natural instead of relying on synthetic compounds or harmful chemicals. A very important point here is that the ingredients are entirely natural.

This makes this formula a safe choice. Moreover, the formula comes in the form of a powder. This means that it is easy to take. You don’t have to spend hours at preparing meals or putting ingredients together from rare sources for preparing a smoothie glass. Instead, you only have to add water to the powder formula, stir, and you are ready to go.

This shows that including this supplement in one’s routine is nothing more than a piece of cake. The formula assists in refreshing the skin, improving joint health, better the digestive system, and boosting hair health among other numerous health merits.

About The Manufacturer

Go2 Protein is a product of Warrior Made. This is a prominent name with a team of 40 plus employees who are dedicated to improving the daily lives of individuals. This confirms that the people behind this protein formula are professionals with a noble mission. This adds bonus points in favor of the supplement.

The Chief Ingredients Of This Formula

The credit for Go2 Protein’s effectiveness goes to its foundational ingredients of collagen and gotu kola. Here are details of the components:

  • Gotu Kola:

This is an ancient herb that supplements the action of collagen. Gotu kola is known for fighting inflammation, which is the bane of all the problems. For instance, it contributes to joint ache. What’s more, the herb works to encourage the natural production of collagen in the body while stopping the breakdown of natural collagen.

In fact, with this herb, the total collagen levels can resemble that of the collagen protein levels in the twenties and thirties. Gotu kola also enhances blood flow.

  • Collagen protein

This is another important component of this formula. It helps with healthy bones, joints, and nails as it is part of their structural composition. That said, it also promotes good and pain-free joint health with improved digestion.

What are Go2 Protein Benefits?

Since Go2 Protein is based on collagen, it yields tons of merits. These are:

  • The formula assists in improving the digestive health
  • Smooths bluish-green varicose veins
  • Boosts internal production of collagen
  • Aids in relieving joint pain
  • Supports thicker and healthier skin
  • Promotes nail strength
  • Encourages good skin by improving its elasticity
  • Aids in reducing inflammation which is behind a plethora of health conditions

The good news is that all this is accomplished naturally so you don’t have to ponder long and hard over side effects. Plus, preparing the drink is simple so you can easily incorporate it in your daily routine.

Simply add two scoops of the powder in one glass of any drink of your choice. Have it once in a day on a regular note. You can add it to smoothies, milk, coffee or any other beverage. You can also add it to your wholesome foods such as soup, baked goods, and oatmeal.

Just make sure that the protein powder is stirred well so it is mixed thoroughly. If you are a first time user, it is best that you consult with your doctor before including this supplement in your routine.

What’s more, you should also know that this drink tastes well too. it uses monk fruit as its natural sweetener. It is also ideal for both keto and paleo diet plans.


Currently, Warrior Made Go2 Protein is up for grabs at a discounted price that offers a two-month supply. You can get a 43% off with each bottle for a price of $39.99. The total of $79.99 plus tax is a one-time payment so you won’t be stuck in a subscription plan.

There is also a 100% money back guarantee in place too. In simple words, if you are not satisfied with the product, then you can always return it within 60 days of purchasing it. Hence, you have the chance of getting your hard earned money back if you don’t get contended with the powder formula.


Summing up, Go2 Protein is a valuable collagen protein drink. It helps the body in multiple ways including fighting inflammation, easing varicose veins, and improving digestive health. The collagen is also a champion at enhancing skin health. The formula is easy to use and safe to take as well. It doesn’t pose side effects but it is best to check in with your doctor before adding it to your diet plan.

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