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Fitness is must, period. But that’s not all. Fitness is not just a singular term that can be put and packed in a statement and be prepared to be flaunted. Instead, it requires hard work and rephrasing to another line, fitness is difficult to achieve, full top. This sounds somewhat apt because a person has to pour his blood, sweat, and tears before anything substantial can be achieved. However, all these statements go down the drain with a new solution in town. It goes by the name of BBX Workout 90-Day Challenge and helps a person to get a toned and trimmed body within a matter of three months only. With this challenge, a person will be able to say, fitness is a definite possibility!

This is a new challenge for achieving a fit body and toned shape that ups the game of a person’s confidence. It is planned by Christmas Abbott and is supported by high-quality workout videos that will assist a person in fulfilling his goal. Moreover, there are motivation videos too that can pull a person from his black hole of hopelessness and push him to get his set objective of a flat belly and fabulous body.

BBX Workout 90-Day Challenge Review

This is a new challenge that aims to help every person to achieve an ideal body weight. Obesity and overweight are not only ugly looking but the health consequences are also poor. Such an unfit body can culminate in a number of problems such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, and more. It is only better to be safe than sorry. To this end, the BBX Workout is a good way to push oneself to achieve a healthy and good looking body.

The program is based on videos of two kinds. Firstly, there are videos that show an individual the exercises that he needs to follow. Each set of a video is shot in a high quality and is backed with warm-up exercises so that fatigue is out of the question. Additionally, videos are always a clear and convenient method of doing exercises, as a person can watch and copy the moves. This is much better than reading the ways to stretch and pull muscles that come accompanied with ambiguity. There is no such unclarity in case of videos.

Secondly, there are motivational videos too that help a person to stay on track instead of slacking behind on account of negative thoughts of not being able to do what a person wants. The program also supports a community that is ready to encourage one another during an individuals’ workout thick and thin.

The Person Behind this Program

The BBX Workout 90-Day Challenge is curated by Christmas Abbott. She has 11 years of experience backing her expertise in the field of fitness. Also, she is a bestselling author, CrossFit® Competitor, social media fitness star, and gym owner.

Her workout plan is a proven one with new workouts added every single week. The only thing that a person has to invest in a day is about 20-30 minutes, 5 times in a week to get an impressive body.

How is this Program Unique?

There are several reasons why the BBX Workout 90-Day Challenge is worth the investment. Some of these are:

-It comes from Christmas Abbott who has 11 years of experience and is a fitness star

-The program is uploaded with new videos every week

-There is a progress dashboard that a person gets when he signs up for the workout challenge. It helps to track one’s personal progress

-In addition, there is a global supportive community that is ready to pull a person through the spiral of his negative thoughts of failure and encourage him to step closer to his goals.

-The fitness program has already helped 11,.256 people in their journey to a lean body.

Workout Packages

A person can choose any of the two available packages of BBX Workout 90-Day Challenge. These are:


The package can be purchased for $89 and boasts several features. It consists of 216+ workout videos and regular mindset tip videos. The video training sessions are tailored to every person’s fitness level and work towards a toned body and flatter stomach. In the package, new weekly videos are also added to an individual’s routine.

Furthermore, the program facilitates with a personal progress dashboard and is available on all devices. All instructions are stepwise.


This is the most popular package that comes for $99. The package is also available for all the devices and has a comprehensive guide of about 50 pages that provides all the nutritional details that need to be followed for the optimal fitness. The guide is carefully put together by Christmas Abbott and other nutritional experts.

Thus, in this package, in addition to the perks to the above package, there 216+ HD videos along with delicious and healthy recipes for all the meals of the day that help to speed up the body metabolism.


The BBX Workout comes packed with bonuses too. These include:

Bonus 1: Best Transformation Price

The person who puts his heart and soul into getting slim and toned will be rewarded with a prize that is worth $1000. In order to get the price, a fitness person will have to contribute his or her before and after pictures to show the transformational physical changes.

Bonus 2: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If a person is not satisfied by the program, he can always have his money back


The BBX Workout 90-Day Challenge by Christmas Abbott is an effective exercise and training program that aims to help a person achieve a trimmed body. All the instructions are provided by means of videos that are convenient and all instructions are given bit by bit so that a person does not get mind-boggled at any stage of the challenge. Also, there is a global supportive communitive and motivational videos that help a person to encourage a him to fulfill his fitness goals.


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